Is fragrance gender specific? Marketers these days can tell you what perfume you should consider as a male or female in a certain age. Perfume is a necessity of life for beauty conscious people; from teenage girls to moms and elderly women, females use fragrances and perfumes into all areas of life. Perfumes benefit men and women; it can instantly boost their confidence and help them become more sophisticated at the workplace. People can argue whether perfumes are genderless or not, how can we distinguish between a masculine or feminine perfume? There are some considerations which can help answer this somewhat confusing question.

The Effect of Advertising Labels

Some established brands label their exotic fragrance products as “for men” or “for women”. The advertising labels are shaping the conceptions of both genders for choosing the right type of perfume. But the fact is that there is not much difference in the ingredients of various manufacturers who label their perfumes as male or female perfumes.

The Perfume Description

Normally the male perfumes are mostly described as musky, leathery or woody to better suit the masculine nature. While the feminine perfumes are associated with the fresh, solid, fruity and floral descriptions. Manufacturers use labels like exotic, subtle, light, flowery and moderate for attracting women; while men are more attracted towards perfume descriptions like bold, aromatic, stronger and richer.

Choosing the Right Male or Female Fragrance

You can wear any fragrance you like without restrictions. The element that plays a vital role in making a fragrance masculine or feminine is the personal choice of individuals. Both genders should choose fragrances that suit their body chemistry and elevate their personality according to an occasion.

On some occasions, men often use lighter fragrances like women do. Their personal choice and personality characteristics matter. For instance, some men choose lighter perfumes regardless of the feminine labels on them. That does not necessary means that they are trying to smell like women, it is the unique fragrance that inspires and attract them. Outgoing men often receive positive compliments from their friends by using a female scent which helps them attract more friends.

The same thing works for women. Girls or women often prefer a masculine fragrance because it helps them generate the specific vibes that suit their personality. Women may pick male fragrance from the market according to their own personal preference. It does not look weird and help them smell great.


The scents are gender specific or not depend on your personal choice. As a man or woman, you have the freedom to choose from wide range of perfumes labelled for both genders. The perfume that would work for you in any given situation. The guys can go on and try a women’s fragrance for a fresher appearance. The more expensive brands claim to turn you into a person better than before; so if you can afford the Ariana Grande perfume price, it would smell good on you without worrying about the package label says.

Picking the best perfume with a special price for the retreat camping

The cosmetic industry designs their fragrance products with different shapes and caps to give them romantic, manly or fruity looks. But according to the above guidelines, the fragrance is still a matter of developing your ability to identify the right product for you. It is however not advised for professionals to wear a wrong fragrance at the workplace unsuitable for their personality. For more take a look at the avory shlain perfume special price for both male and female fragrances.


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