The search for the Fountain of Youth has been ongoing since human beings began to experience aging. Nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic products promising to restore lost youthful are all parts of a multi-billion dollar industry which, in too many instances, is built around just making money

Recognizing the Hype

The first giveaway is that a genuine product will not promise results overnight, or even in a specific time period. Nor will it promise to return the user’s skin to the firmness, smoothness, and elasticity of adolescence. There is simply no anti aging treatment which can accomplish that.

What an anti aging treatment can do it replenish the skin’s essential nutrients so that in time it will become healthier, and healthier skin is more youthful looking skin. But nothing can make your skin look younger in fifteen minutes or overnight.

Another marketing trick of the fake¬†anti aging treatment¬†vendors is that they will promise to take years off your appearance. While having healthier skin will turn back the clock, maybe as much as five years, there is nothing you can buy in a jar or swallow that can make you look twenty years younger than your chronological age. And there are very few cosmetic surgical procedures that can. So if you are offered the latest miracle herbal supplement or vitamin cream with the promise that you’ll drop two decades overnight, just say “No.”

Read The Research

Do your homework before investing any money in a new anti aging treatment. There is plenty of information available on the Internet regarding scientific research on various natural and prescription anti aging treatments, whether they are taken internally or applied topically. It’s always best to read the research yourself, so that you are not hooked by the selective presentation which may marketers employ.

Suppose the extract of an herb, fruit, or vegetable may have been fed in concentrated doses to rats for three months, and the rats may have shown improved motor functions, and therefore were acting younger than they did before the research began. Does that really mean that if you start eating whatever the herb, fruit, or vegetable was, you will become younger, or that if you mash it into a masque and apply it to your skin your skin will become younger?

Understanding the concept of picking anti-aging cream and colognes for retreat lodges

No. But you can bet there will be marketers who very cleverly phrase the research findings to give the impression. Always know the science underlying the claims for any anti aging treatment you are considering.

The best person to off you guidance regarding an anti aging treatment which will be most effective for you u is your dermatologist. Your dermatologist is only interested in helping you keep your skin as healthy and youthful as possible, and will have the best information to make that happen. A combination of a youthful look and the best cologne for women would do the trick.

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